the beginning

100 Acts of Sewing is an attempt to make one hundred dresses for myself and others The act of creating clothing requires skill, whether it’s weaving or dyeing cloth, sewing or embellishing clothes, these are skills our society no longer values. Instead we are lured by the fast, cheap, and now. Making clothes engenders a sense of self-sufficency. The more I make, the more involved I am in the process, the less I hope to take part in the loop of consume and dispose.

year two

100 Acts of Sewing explores making versus manufacturing. In the second year of the project I will make one hundred more dresses. These dresses in different sizes and styles will be documented on this site. 

The project seeks to reacquaint people with the skills required to make clothing. Knowing how to sew creates an appreciation for workmanship, provides an essential link to crafting tradition, and acts as a means to reclaim personal style.

After a three month hiatus 100 Acts of Sewing is back with a slight twist. I will try and finish the year with one hundred, but mixing it up with other garments.